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Darnick Scotland

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Information on the village of Darnick in Scotland.

Darnick Community Woodland


The list below is of the species to be found, either naturally or as part of the planting scheme, and simple identification details of each:

  • ALDER - Damp soil. Leaves round. Female flower opens into cones, Catkins (male).
  • ASH - Leaves - pinnate, 3-7 pairs of leaflets. Fruits bunches of winged "keys". Winter buds black.
  • ASPEN - Wet woods. Leaves almost circular, flat stems make them flutter.
  • BIRD CHERRY - leaves dark green and leathery. Bitter black cherries.
  • BLACKTHORN - Shrub with dark thorny stems. Clusters of small white flowers before leaves. Fruit blue/black plum - the "sloe".
  • ELDER - Leaves - pinnate, 2-3 pairs of leaflets. Flowers in flat-topped clusters. Fruit small black berries - elderberries.
  • GEAN - leaves hang limply with two prominent knobs where they join the stem. Flowers in clusters. Slightly bitter cherries.
  • HAWTHORN - Thorny shrub. Leaves 3-7 pairs of lobes. Flowers dense white-pink clusters. Fruit deep red haws.
  • HAZEL - Shrubby tree. Leaves hairy round. Yellow catkins in winter. Nuts in autumn.
  • HOLLY - Leaves - tough shiny dark green with spines. Flowers small white. Berries only on female trees.
  • OAK - leaves lobed. Flowers are small catkins. Fruit acorns.
  • ROWAN - Leaves - pinnate 6-7 pairs of leaflets. Flowers creamy flat-topped heads. Fruit binches of scarlet berries.
  • SILVER BIRCH - Leaves oval, toothed and long pointed tip. Seed from female catkin.
  • WYCH ELM - leaves large and rough. Flowers red. Fruit winged seed set centrally.
  • CRAB APPLE - Shrubby tree. Leaves rounded or oval, flowers white/pink, fruit 1" yellow but sour.
  • YEW - leaves dark green flat needles, evergreen. Flowers tiny. Male trees shed pollen. Fruit small pink/red cup shaped aril. POISONOUS TO ANIMALS AND PEOPLE.
  • PINE - Leaves pairs of 1-2 inch needles, evergreen. Flowers on young shoots. Female cones mature in third year.
  • WILLOW - Long branches. Leaves long and narrow. Carries male and female catkins.

Other Wildlife using the Woods

You may find all of the following at various times of the year:

Rabbits, badgers, foxes, deer and rodents such as voles and mice. The usual garden birds plus goldfinch, bullfinch, yellowhammer and reed bunting. Flowers such as lesser celandine, speedwell and marsh orchid along with the species usually found on uncultivated ground.

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